Saturday, 16 July 2016

Peberet Cover Song

Assalamualaikum and morning dear bloggers~
Hari ni aku nak share sikit about my favourite cover song Umbrella by Rapmon and Yuiko  .. Honestly, this is my first time dengar lagu dari kpop group Epik High yang bertajuk Umbrella nie but dah fall in love dengan lagu nie after this song cover by Rapmon and Yuiko dalam MBC Duet Song Festival .. For those yang layan Duet Song Festival nie mesti dah dengar lagu nie kn?? gabungan suara Rapmon and Yuiko dalam lagu nie memang the best la but sayang sangat sebab diorang tak menang pun huhu , anyway I'm still in love with this song :D so jom kita layan sikit lagu nie :-

Sincerely, Me :)


  1. Besttttt. Im not a Kpop person but I like the song Eraser by Hyorin. Pernah dengar? If you don't. You should give a try, hehe.

  2. Tak pernah dengar lagi but I'll listen that song Eeiou :) ..


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